Friday, August 12, 2011

So I Made These Ties, Ya See...

...And THIS is what I got as a THANK YOU!!

I am tickled.  To say the LEAST.

My girl Mandee Rae paints, and I carry all her cute little speech bubbles and paintings in my shop (her Etsy shops are here and here). They are bad-ace if you haven't seen them yet!  Anywho, she was getting married, asked me to whip out some bow-ties for her groomsmen in gingham and plaid prints to give the whole thing a 'barn dance' sorta feel.  WORD!

(PS - As I was making these in the shop, my customers determined these would be PERFECT for derby!)

Oh man, look how sweet these turned out!!!  Can I still say 'sweet'? Does that date me?

I think the fact that the dudes are so handsome made the ties look even better. Pocket watches, SYNCHRONIZED!

The Whole SheBang:

Mandee, congrats my dear!  There is not a soul on earth more deserving of such a beautiful day as you!  MUAH!


  1. They are really, really, really cute. What adorable photos.

  2. That must have been one awesome wedding!

  3. Those are some SWEET ties! Looks like a fun and very beautiful wedding.

  4. Wait. Is SWEET old fashioned? Because it's my go-to adjective.