Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yup, new addiction.

I have SO many knitting and sewing tutorials all crammed in my stupid Bookmarks, and then I can never remember which is which when I go to view them.

Enter Pinterest!


Not ONLY can you bookmark all of your favorite stuff via an image, BUT, you can get buddy-buddy with your friends, share your pins, re-pin other peoples pins, and generally waste all of your productive time drooling over stuff you will never have time to do 'cuz yer sucked into Pinterest!

These are my pins.  Are they not lovely?

If you are Pinner and you want to follow Fabric Bliss on Pinterest to see all the lovely tutorials and things I WISH I could make (along with some homes I could never afford, and dishes I could never cook), then click the icon below.  And fall in love (and out of reality!).


  1. unrelated but i just thought you should know that i would be more apt to purchase fabrics from your online store if you used some sort of object or method to demonstrate the scale of the prints.

  2. MAN you are so right! I even shop for fabric this way. We are brainstorming now! Thanks!

  3. Did you see this blog with super thick yarn and huge needles? Looks similar to the blanket in your pintrist!

  4. just so you know twitter has rules of how their logo can be portrayed... the cartoon bird is not one of them.