Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How To Prevent Children From Destroying Your Stuff.

So I'm testing out a series of projects for kids to be offered next summer HOPEFULLY (if I have a staff by then!).  These are my friend Sylvia's boys, and THEY. ARE. HILARIOUS.

So, background.  Sylvia gives me a suggestion for a project these maniacs can do: PILLOWS.  Apparently, they manhandle her couch pillows while reenacting WWF moves they watch regularly with their pop, making them all wonky in the process.  These need to be a replacement so they can STOP jerkin' around with the nice pillows!

Sure!  Easy!  So they come in, and sew up their pillows, and stuff them.  All the while, this is what is coming out of their mouths:

"Hey, do you have a brick I can sew into this pillow?"

"I'm going to put barbed wire in my pillow and sew it up."

"Oh yeah? I'm gonna put a bottle inside mine and SMASH it up!"

(and, my favorite, which sent me into tears:)

"I'm going to sew that iron into this pillow, and LEAVE IT PLUGGED IN!"

Best kids class I ever did have. :)  After class, I made them demonstrate with they do with their mom's pillows:

They literally PUNCH a corner in, and then WEAR them like hats.  I offered Sylvia a glass of wine and my condolences, but she is now VERY happy that her kids have their very own headgear weapons of destruction couch pillows to manhandle, and can leave hers well enough alone.

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  1. That is awesome! After a whole summer of yelling, "Stop DESTROYING the PILLOWS!" I am left wondering...Why didn't I think about that! I began teaching my son to sew early on in the summer, but we made a it's pillow time!!! Thanks to you and your friend for the great idea!