Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gettin' Schooled

This has been a wild ride.

So I quit my IT job, gave into my obsessive nature, bought a ton of fabric, and opened a shop. Not even thinking that there is an ENTIRE industry behind this whole fabric thing, and I am learning in leaps and bounds.  From my customers. :)

Nancy from Great American Quilt Factory (sob sob) came into the shop today with her 2 daughters, excited that she doesn't have to work anymore! Ha! Those of you not familiar with her shop, Great American Quilt Factory was literally an ICON in the Denver community.  After 30 years of business (and raising kiddos IN the shop), she is retiring, and GAQF is no more. I shed a tear when I heard that a few weeks ago.  Boo.

But, she has put in her life into that shop, and is SO excited to finally have time to sew something FOR HERSELF!  So, she came into the shop today, and bought FABRIC of all things! Oh, the irony!

We all had such a wonderful chat, and she had such insightful advice, and I felt so blessed for her to come in and give me some schoolin' on the industry. After today, I am full of pride that I am part of the new generation carrying on the torch.  OK, so it is a very small torch in comparison, but whatever - I'm still stoked. :)

In all it's glory:

Gone, but not forgotten!

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  1. Wow, that's kind of cool that she came in! I used to shop there a bit but wasn't quite enough of the modern fabric. Though yeah, quite the icon in Denver for so many years.