Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Instructor Teaches Obsessions. Beware.

Melanie Weiss-Turner is a new BFF of Fabric Bliss.

Melanie taught the super fun hand-work class making these beautiful Japanese origami-style fabric flowers called Kanzashi.

Needless to day, it was a rediculous hit.  Melanie got super kudos from the students for being an EXCELLENT teacher.


All that weekend, the folks that learned this became completely obsessed, and made MORE.

My mom took the class, and she made a laptop case this weekend, and HAD to adorn it with a flower:

Then there is Jessa, the uber-crafting maniac (aka carbon copy of ME) who took this idea to an entirely NEW level by adorning INTERCHANGEABLE FLOWERS onto her cardi's. Jessa, I am forever jealous I didn't think of this, but am going to steal the idea from you anyway.  Read more about it on her blog Happily Home Sewn, and check the amazing handiwork:

HUGE hit!  We will be repeating this class in May fo sho!


  1. Wow! Don't let me miss the next class. How cute are these?!?!?

  2. These are awesome! I am obsessed with all things Japanese. As soon as I am done with school I want to get over there for a class!