Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Laminated AND Home Dec Fabrics are HERE!


Just got these 3 Laminated fabrics by (who else) Amy Butler:

 I'd like to get more in, but easy, Aurora, little bit at a time.  Here are the 2 adorable raincoat patterns that just arrived as well:

Not to mention using laminated fabric in an apron like Jamie Christina did:

Adorable, right??

Now for the home decorator weight fabrics.  If Amy Butler is the ultimate female overachiever, I have to say Ty Pennington is hot on her heels for the male overachiever award.  Hello, super crafty dude, furniture designer, giant TV show host, super DUPER cute, and now a fabric designer?! My!

I only got a few of his colorways to see how I liked them in person. Yup. Love them. I want more!

And of course, some Anna Maria Horner and Amy Butler in there as well.

To top all that off, I tripled the amount of patterns in here. I needed a few more, but couldn't narrow it down, so just ordered a ridiculous amount.  If you come in and they are all gone, you know who ripped them open and made EVERY SINGLE ONE. ;)

Next on the fabric horizon: Joel Dewberry! Stay tuned!


  1. Right?! And I don't have an excuse to make one cuz I can't cook to save my life. I'd light it on fire.

  2. Aw Jessa! Just get the heck in here and hang!

  3. I love Joel Dewberry! I have to come down to Denver to visit your store!