Monday, March 14, 2011

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

I overdosed on chocolate.

Simon took me to dinner at Interstate, and we got dessert. Chocolate sundae for me. I ate the entire thing.

And why not? Today is a big day!  OK, so tomorrow is really the big day, but we were too excited to wait to celebrate. It's like a pre-party.  Like Christmas Eve!

Yup. I'm ready for this to happen. I had a glass of wine tonight so I would just pass out and not stay up all night daydreaming about tomorrow. I never grew out of that. I didn't grow out of much, really...

Sign is up! Silhouette cutter to the rescue!  Don't mind the dirty desk - it will be clean tomorrow. Mostly.

Getting some local work in here!  Jessa from Happily Home Sewn brought THE most adorable stuff in today. I'll save an entire blog worth of excitement over that stuff for another day. Also, check the bibs: my friend Kaitrin laminated old product wrappings and re-purposed bibs from them. LOVE that they are not in a landfill!!

Even have some amazing handmade wooden beauties! These compliment the soft stuff so nicely.

And, my most favorite thing of the day.  My super bad-ace husband snuck off and got me a gift for the opening!  A combo of 2 of my favorite things: Fabric Bliss, and COFFEE!  This is actually why I am so excited for tomorrow - so I can proudly drink coffee from my beautifully logo'd mug. YESSSS!  This man knows me well. Thanks Sy!!!

OK.  That is all the energy I have for the evening.  I wasted it jumping up and down and clapping after my extra peg-hooks came in just in time. It's the little things. :)


  1. What a good hubby!!!! Good luck (though you don't need it).

  2. What a sweet gift from the hubs! Nice work!

    It looks great! Hope today is fabulous!