Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hooray Opening Day!

And I took NO pictures to brag on today - my only goal was to survive!

So I thought I would have lots of time to price stuff, put together the classroom, etc. Turns out, NO!  I was pleasantly surprised to be pretty busy all day long!  YESSSSSSS!!!!

It was a super fun learning day, too. For example, I learned that if you put ALL the rolls of quarters in the front of your drawer, then open it, the whole thing tips forward and comes crashing down on your floor!  YEAH!  This is what happens when you spend 11 years in IT, and 0 in retail.  Thankfully, I got the whole sewing thing down, so I'm sure the retail experience will catch up. ;)

Seriously, I got to talk with a bunch of folks about fabric and yarn today.  Is this really my life?!?!?

Yup. Absolutely loving it. Setting up my own sewing machine tomorrow so I can make some super fun stuff for the shop. CAN'T.  WAIT.


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