Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disco Kitty!


Fabric Bliss is participating in a fundraiser for the Cat Care Society!  The fundraiser is called Tails of the Painted Cats; 17 local Denver artists volunteered their time to paint these HUGE kitties, and now they are traveling around Denver to be displayed in participating businesses (US!). These cuties will be auctioned off in June, with all the proceeds going to the shelter cats at the Cat Care Society.

My husband is a super duper cat lover (I am just your average cat-lover compared to him), and we were both THRILLED to be participating!!  You can see all of the painted cats in the gallery here, as well as their current location (I hear there will be a bunch of kitty treasure-hunts going on while they are displayed in the Santa Fe Arts District).

We are proudly displaying Deco-Disco Kitty!

Every fabric store needs a cat, right?! I love her cuz she is all blinged-out. We put her in the window, and it's like a disco ball in here.

Boogie down!

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  1. Very cute! I wonder if my cat would mind if I glued little blingy things all over her...