Saturday, April 2, 2011

First First Friday - Whew!

One word: Whoa.

They all warned me. I didn't believe. It's a FABRIC store, I'd say. Folks who want art will just walk by.

Turns out, NO!

It was NUTS. And I loved every minute of it! 

I prepped ahead of time by asking a few friends to come and help me.  I wanted to make it obvious who worked there so wandering folks would know who to ask questions of. So I made name tags (go Silhouette!):

Mom was out of town and couldn't join us, but she gets an honorary name tag. Since I will drag her in to help me next time. ;)

January and Emily showed up with cookies and dinner and WINE. My heroes.  Notice how I didn't even relinquish the glass for picture time:

After this picture was taken, chaos ensued.  I was planning on taking pictures of the crowd that showed up, but I literally had ZERO time to pick up my camera and shoot.  Luckily, Emily got some, and I will post them tomorrow when she brings them to me while attending the Zipper Wristlet class!

I have never talked so much in my life. *friends that know me are rolling their eyeballs right now*  Turns out, it is EASY and WONDERFUL to talk about all the things you are passionate about, especially to folks who are dying to listen!

We were incredibly well received. Incredibly. Thank you to all of you who came out, wandered into my store, and told me that I am not the only one with a yarn hoarding problem.  You are lovely, and I thank you for allowing me to do what I love.


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