Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Official "I Own A Small Business" Photo

We played photographer today.

I wanted a picture of me looking smart while naturally/casually/normally sitting ON my desk knitting in Fabric Bliss while LUCKILY wearing my favorite pair of Carlos Santana newsprint heels AND some random person with a wide-angle came happening by.

Just like I explained, right? OK, maybe not.  But good enough for my Linked In account!

Just for the record, I unloaded 10 bolts of home dec fabric in those heels, yo.  More on the brand new fabric tomorrow!!


  1. Dude. That is perfection and those heels are insane!

  2. Doesn't everybody sit on their desk, knitting, in sexy heels? Very nice!

  3. You look happy going to work now. =)