Saturday, May 21, 2011

Knitting Is My Bag, Baby!

I just wanted to share this ridiculous picture with the world, since it didn't end today.

I'm sitting on the couch one night (in my SpongeBob PJ's, proven here), and need something from my knitting bag. So I turn it on it's side to reach in.  Yeah, like I found anything.

First of all, here are 5 projects in here (including a Lakers team scarf which I am now banned from wearing lest my husband burst into tears), which I guess is not HORRIBLE for a knitting bag.

But then this crap.

I can see the heel of ONE flat. I can't find the mate. I tote these around as my emergency change shoes in case I feel OLD and can't stand the heels, but this is clearly not going to rescue anyone only having one of two.

Then there is some Coffee Mate? No idea. I have no explanation for my coffee addiction.  Just that I am so addicted I carry around a HUGE jar of emergency Coffee Mate.

Then a random sewing machine pedal.  ???

Now you can all be thankful that my store doesn't look like this, and be SO PROUD of me that I keep it so organized.  It's definitely not natural. ;)

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