Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sculpture Pillow by Amy Butler

This beauty caught my eyeball when I first opened Amy Butler's Midwest Modern Knits. I HAD to have it.

Plus, the book is sitting in here on the shelf calling my name all the darn day, so I gave in.  And here is the ever so lovely Sculpture Pillow from the above book:

How GREAT does this look in the knit lounge?!

I just LOVE the texture of this guy.  Even though it is one solid color, there is so much visual interest.

The pattern calls for making a backside as well, but a.) I am impatient, b.) I have 27 other projects I want to get to, and c.) it gets to be a bit expensive to do the backside ALSO, since it calls for like 10 balls of yarn.  So, I used 4 balls of Amy Butler Belle Organic Yarn (also screaming at me all day from the shelf), made a square to my liking, and sewed a backing onto it.

This is a good first cable project, too, if you'd like to learn how!


  1. It's beautiful. Does your shop carry the book? I need a diversion.

  2. Such a brilliant idea!! I've been trying to make this cushion for ages but it's never quite worked out. I might even buy some Amy Butler fabric to back this one!!