Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ninja Grandma

This is too funny.

So I mentioned like THREE months ago to my Grammy over sushi that I might want to find some vintage/used crafting/sewing/knitting books to keep in the studio for peeps to check out and get inspired by.

I get a package today.

Here is what is inside:

My dog is SO getting earmuffs.  And my husband is getting a Men's Classic fo sho. Choose-O-Matic Selector?? Word.

My grammy used to live in California, and worked for YEARS at Bookbuyers in Mountain View.  Well, she pulled a ninja move on me, and called up her ex-coworkers (whom she visits whenever on a trip to CA), and has them start pulling crafty books aside for me, until there is enough to send.

I called Carol at Bookbuyers (the other half of the scheming ladies) and thanked her for her PERFECT choices. Now she is going to keep pulling stuff for me, and when she gets a box full, will send it out.

Boo-ya for the Fabric Bliss crafty library!  THANK YOU GRAMMY!  Love you!


  1. You have a seriously cool grandma! Love it!!!

  2. SQUEAL!!!!!!! Pugs in ear muffs??? Do NOT let my human see this!!! But I think I love your grammy. :)