Thursday, April 14, 2011

People Make Stuff

And here they are!

Had several lovely crafty peeps in the studio to sew this week, and MAN did we have a great time.  Suzanne is working on a crib quilt (not pictured - I'm not spoiling it until it is DONE, duh), January made some handkerchief's, and Zina made an eyelet skirt and a linen jumper (inspired by some FAB Japanese patterns).  Zina, January and myself were all in the shop most of the day, and Zina mentioned that with our names, all we needed were some short pleated skirts and weapons, and we could be our own anime toon. Guess what is next on my project list. ;)

Miss January just learned to sew, and wanted to make a few things, including these adorable reversible handkerchiefs.  She loves to throw her hair up in these on I-don't-feel-like-doing-my-hair days, and they turned out awesome:

She also spent some time yacking crocheting with me in the knit lounge, and whipped out another cowl that she learned to make in our Intro to Crochet class:

Zina literally took several peeks at a PHOTO of what she wanted to make, and then promptly whipped it out. Seriously, that is amazing. I know I SEEM awful crafty, but I need a pattern, people! Here it is posing on my chair (with some shop swag) - check the HAND STITCHING of the neckline! Word.

Here is a close up of the LOVELY eyelet fabric she used for the skirt underneath. I just LOVE that circular pattern (obviously since it is pasted all OVER my website):

And, AND, the jumper is reversible.  Slit can go in front, or in back.  How KILLER CUTE is this?!

Love it when I am surrounded by crafty people! Bring it!!

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  1. It was so much fun to sew in the studio the last two days! I totally woke up this morning thinking...I MISS Fabric Bliss!

    I think next time I will use a dart or two. Japanese women may not need them, but when a size large has a 34" bust, sometimes art has to be sacrificed for fit... :)