Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fabric Arrival! Well, sorta.

One box. ONE.

Really?!? This is worse than Christmas. At least on Christmas day, you KNOW you get to open all of your presents; there's no 'well, Santa MIGHT have come, but if he didn't come today, MAYBE tomorrow..."

The UPS guy even SAYS, "Hm, it says this is one of two..let me go find the other one..."

And left me HANGING. He just never came back!  WAH!

So, out of the 50 some bolts of fabric I ordered, SEVEN arrived!  But I was much cheered when I opened and saw which lucky few made it.

A few of these are from the new Joel Dewberry collection called Aviary 2, some are old Amy Butler classics from her Lotus and Midwest Modern lines, and then a few from Melissa White's Fairlyte Garden.

The rest of my fabric is who-knows-where, but am crossing my fingers that tomorrow might yield a bigger crop!

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