Sunday, March 20, 2011

Classes = LOVE

So I already love talking in general, but talking about stuff I LOVE is super rad.

Taught my 3rd class today, and am seriously loving it.  Especially since peeps listen so good since they WANT to learn.  Not like teaching the business intelligence software classes at Level 3, where I'd walk around to see how the report building was going, and everyone was surfing the net.

The Intro to Sewing course went smashingly.  We had a blast, laughed a ton, and made these adorable reversible tote bags:

One of these girls had never touched a sewing machine before, and both of them walked away with not only the bag AND the yo-yo flowers on the outside, but the skills to make any size bag WITH any size gusset!  Not bad for your first day, ladies!  They've already signed up for more classes, so THIS is gonna be fun. :)

The second class was Intro to Crochet, and we got along so well I forgot to take pictures, but will next time. If my hands are busy with yarn, literally NOTHING else exists. AH!

The third class today was Intro to Quilting, and we made mini-quilts to learn ALL of the skills necessary to make a quilt on a much larger scale.  One student wanted to leave her quilt unfinished to embellish it at home before binding it. Yup, another one bites the dust. Welcome to the addiction, ma'am!  The other is proudly showing hers off here:

Pieced, sewn, quilted, bound. Word.

Super excited to teach this coming week: Zipper Wristlets on Wednesday, Utility Apron and Minkee Blankets on Saturday, and LOTS of knitting (Intro and Basics courses) on Sunday!

Aurora = Happy.

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