Saturday, March 19, 2011

Absolutely Unexpected

Something amazing happened last night.

I stayed open late for 3rd Friday, just to see how things went.  A lady in a wheelchair came in oogling the yarn, and we started talking about how we have an obsessive-compulsive/hoarding issue with yarn.  Then she went over to the fabric, talking about how lovely it is, and how she used to sew. She'd love to do it again, but she can't work the pedal.

I remembered opening the first of the little Brother machines that I teach on, and was pleasantly surprised at all the features were packed into that little sucker. Then, one I almost overlooked tugged at my memory, so I said to her "Wait a tic!" and ran in to the classroom to bring out a machine.

I plugged it in, and lo and behold, my memory served me right (this in itself is a small miracle), and I found the button that actually makes the machine sew WITHOUT THE PEDAL.

Her eyeballs widen as I show her how to speed it up, pushing the button each time to stop and start the machine, and even backstitch.

She looks at me, and tells me, "This is the best news I have heard in a long time."


Who'd a'thunk that this little $170 Brother sewing machine would literally change a life.  It truly is the little things. :)


  1. Wait, I think that's the one I have. Love it! Way to improve life girl! I bet she loves you!

    If Geoff gets off work on time or early Tuesday, I hope to be there with headbands for you and a credit card to purchase things... for ME! Weee!