Friday, December 23, 2011

Fabric Bliss Blog has MOVED!!!!!

You can take the IT out of the girl....

I am moving to Wordpress!  Yeah yeah, I am a nerd.  I was missing picking through SQL statements, so I started hacking Wordpress PHP files instead.


Enough with the nerdyness - come find me at my new location called Blogging from Bliss!  I know I have some followers on this blog (ps I love you), so I have tried to make it VERY convenient for you to CONTINUE to follow me by simply clicking on my new rss subscribe feed.  I'll even throw in a bribe to subscribe by mentioning the GIVEAWAYS we will start doing next year!

Nothing works like a good bribe. Here is a picture of a cute sleeping baby to top off the deal:

See ya on the Wordpress side!

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