Friday, November 11, 2011

Prayer Shawl

The mother of my dearest friend lost her husband last week.  My heart just ACHED for her.  I could not even imagine living without the love of my life. All I wanted to do was gather her up and give her the biggest hug she has ever received.

But, she lives out of state.  So, I KNIT her a hug.

I held her in my thoughts as I made this prayer shawl, weaving in little prayers of peace into each stitch. I know it can never replace the love now missing from her heart, but I hope that it will give her comfort, and remind her that she will ALWAYS have my love.


  1. Darling Aurora, I have yet to find a "Thank you" card that comes close to expressing what the precious gift of your prayer shawl has meant to me. I have wrapped myself in the shawl watching TV, and I have mostly wrapped it around me, laid in my bed and cried when waves of grief or panic overcame me. The thought of you sitting with your hands and praying for me is the sweetest gift I have ever received. I am so grateful my daughter has you for a friend.I may have to write a song for you. Much love from Memphis, Jeanie M.

  2. This is amazing!


  3. You almost had me in tears Aurora. So beautiful.