Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Oh. My.

For some reason, I had this idea that teaching sewing lessons would not be NEARLY as rewarding as fixing a big database emergency at 2AM and being a big hero.

I was wrong.

There are two young ladies that have taken several classes from me, and they love what they are doing so much, they are now selling the wonderful things they make under the name Creative Fashionable Designs, and they even BLOGGED about it.  You MUST read.

Now.  Part of the reason that Fabric Bliss is here is to inspire people.  Their blog post tells me that I have accomplished that mission. *beaming*  And check the ribbon detail they added all on their own to their adorable PJ Pants?!  Talk about creative!!!

You ladies are the heart of Fabric Bliss!  THANK YOU! :)


  1. If you are ever in need of teachers, I would love to join your bunch. Here's a link to my blog. I came in and picked up fabric and made this skirt, which is gorgeous if I do say so myself! I love fabric bliss!

  2. Aurora, you are just the coolest. Seriously, da bomb.

  3. You have inspired my kidlets!! Little sewing doing their wallets. ;p