Thursday, October 27, 2011

Creative Focus Wooooool

Here is the Rowan pattern book called City Retreat.  It's RAD.

Now that I am obsessed with long long necklaces, I need a big oversized boyfriend sweater to wear them with:

Man, could I pull off fringe? Who cares - I'm making this:

Super cute short sleeve hoodie.  I am a hoodie junkie, so this is SO on the list.

And this. This!!! I am so SO into the blouses with billowy sleeves, and this little poncho with SLEEVES is just to DIE for:

Yeah, I am in trouble. 

I've put the yarn and the books on the shelf, and BACKED AWAY.   I only stop sitting on my hands to type. ;)

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  1. Hey Aurora! I was in your shop on Sunday (the one with the pain in the ass Singer machine and the little girl). That sewing class was so inspirational and so much fun! Haley wants to sign up for another one with me. Thanks so much for your help with my machine and with the class. You are a great teacher. I mentioned your store in my blog today. If you have a minute, feel free to check it out at: