Thursday, September 22, 2011

A-Line Skirt Hazard: White Legs.


I had to write a post about this.

So I made the Simple A-Line Skirt to take a photo of for the class, which I totally LOVE and is super comfy.  My intern snapped a couple of photos of the skirt so I could post it on the website.

Here are my super blinding white legs modeling this adorable skirt:

Um, yeah.  First off, let me apologize publicly to all of the poor students that want to take this class, see the lovely skirt, then have to shade their eyes from the glare off my shins.  I even tried to change the color of my legs in Photoshop, but I just looked orange.  Just like the self tanner I battled with one year, then decided that pasty white was much more attractive than splotchy orange.  Lesson learned.

So, please pardon the reflective legs, as I started a small business this year, and laying out in my backyard to nicely tan was not on the class schedule.  For your sake, I will try to fit it in next summer. ;)


  1. You need to photoshop your legs girlie. ;)

  2. Oops...didn't even read the whole post. Busted.

  3. Oh please - it is shocking enough to jump right to the comment section without finishing. Well played. ;)

  4. Pale is in. Skin cancer isn't pretty, and neither are wrinkles. So there. I would kill to have your legs in any shade. =)

  5. Beautiful legs!!!love them!