Thursday, September 8, 2011

303 Magazine, Yo!

I'm screaming in my shop.

My poor intern walked in the door right as I let out a big yelp with GLEE as I finally got my hands on a 303 Magazine with FABRIC BLISS as a spotlight business!!

Yup.  Screaming was in order.

Here is a hastily-edited photo of the article from my iPhone, which of COURSE does not do it justice.  Get your hands on one STAT for the real thing!

BIG thanks to the silent-partner/fabric-cutting-husband Simon for bringing our business to their attention, to Henry Bae for his after-my-own-heart writing, and Jordan Dickinson for making the photos on my website look shoddy in comparison to this one.

I just screamed again just now.



  1. That's fantastic--congratulations!

  2. I'm screaming too! Although belatedly. Your store photographers so nicely!

  3. oops...Gog, I hate it when I do that....your store is very photogenic.