Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrity Sighting!!

I'm teaching the Applique Pillow class on Sunday, and am watching a student machine-stitch her petal to her pillow panel. I'm thinking that this chick is already way better at applique than me, when I overhear a snippet of an ongoing conversation in the front room: "I own Bobbin's Nest Studio in California!".

*sound of tire screeeeeeching*

(that's in my head, people)

Hold up, I KNOW this person!  OK, so maybe not KNOW her, but I know OF her, and I definitely know of her amazing shop called Bobbins Nest Studio in Santa Clara, California!  I blog-stalk her. ;)

I promptly ditch my poor student to go running out to shake owner Erin McGee's hand, and have a very lovely conversation about being craft shop owners.

Then asked for her picture, autograph, and first born child.

Sorry to everyone reading this who thought Britney Spears stopped by.


  1. What? What? Erin's in town?! (I bet she refused to give you her first born. I can't remember of the dog or the cat came first, tho.)

  2. We love Erin here! Lucky to have her great shop close by.

  3. Zina! It was you! I thought it was another friend who had introduced BNS to Aurora. Too funny!