Friday, July 22, 2011

Fab New Stuff In Shop

Along with elastic thread, invisible zippers, D rings, and other fun notions, I was super excited to find these suckers:

This book I am currently obsessed with.  A friend of mine who is spinning yarn for the shop gets her knittyness from her mother, who knit an UH-MAZE-ING sampler blanket for sale in the shop.  Ever since that came in, I have been DYING to decode what each stitch is, and make my own sampler blanket.  It's a good project for summer, too, since a FULL blanket would drape all over my lap and make me sweat to death in this ridiculous heat.


Then, this:

I am SO excited about this book I almost brought it home tonight to read it cover to cover whilst sipping my wine, but instead I decided I would use that time to blog about it for YOU.  Your welcome.

Lastly, some new patterns.  That quilt is SO mine.

I can't decide if it is a GOOD thing that I am trapped in a room with all of my obsessions at once all day long.  OK, yes. Yes, it is.

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  1. You can never have too many stitch dictionaries!