Sunday, May 29, 2011

Now Showing: Pretty Purly

Stitch markers are a MUST MUST MUST.

I loved the little round rubber ones until I saw these.

I mean, if I am gonna have to stare at it all day, shouldn't it be jewelry? No brainer.

These amazing beauties are sparkling in the sun in my shop right now, waiting to be a part of your next project.  OK, and mine, too.  I, of course, bought the yellow set before anyone could get to them, since it's my FAVE color right now. Back off, people!

Jen has a super awesome shop called Pretty Purly on Etsy. She is so fantastic for being a part of the Fabric Bliss Boutique! Yum!

She makes stitch marker sets with charms:

And without:

Here are the ones I bought just so you can be insanely jealous that you can't have them:

OK, that is kind of a lie - she has more.

Beautiful!  Thank you, Jen!

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