Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, it is official!  I am no longer a corporate employee!

The past few days have been exhausting, and I have felt every single emotion on the spectrum.

It took me literally all week long just to pack up my office.  After 11 years, you accumulate a bunch of crap! And trying to document 11 years worth of responsibilities was incredibly daunting. And of course, didn't get completely done. It was an insurmountable task. Ick.

Thursday, the day of my official going away party finally came, and it was incredibly emotional.  Plus 3 glasses of wine didn't help that. These people are literally my family! How am I NOT gonna see them every day?

*daydreaming of fabrics and yarns and sewing and projects*

Right.  I'll live. ;)

Friday I brought cupcakes from my favorite bakery, Frills, and was literally an emotional game of roulette. Excited, giddy, sad, depressed, scared, elated, bittersweet, resolute.

I hugged everyone twice, kissed my desk, then walked out the door.

And balled my face off the entire commute home.

Sometimes, you have to go through the painful stuff to get to the joyful stuff.  So far, for me, it's worth every tear!

Gonna catch up a bit on my sleep before it is off to the races on Monday! Moving day! 2 palates of Ikea to put together! *squeal*

Night night!

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  1. It's gonna be great! You're living the dream. Well, my dream at least.