Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Opening Day: March 15th!


Simon is sound asleep beside me, and I am ending my day typing from bed, FINALLY putting down the drill and picking up the laptop. Definitely a nice change to not be staring at a computer screen all day!

Today is day 2 of shop construction (yesterday sleep took over blog time), and we are moving at lightning speed.  I needed the construction of shelving to be done by Friday, and it is 99% done today!  Just a few things left tomorrow morning, THEN I GET TO START LOADING FABRIC!  *squeal*

Got a quick chance to take a few photos of the progress! I usually like to do a big fancy collage, but I'm out of creative energy today, so yer just getting big photos slapped all over. ;)

Blank slate!  First photo of the empty shop, with me reliving my cheer-leading days. OK, that's a lie - I never was a cheer-leader. But I should have been! OK, that's a lie, too.

This photo is the nightmare called "Two Pallets of Ikea And Only 2 People To Assemble". Actually, this is only the first pallet - we had to go back for more. Yikes!

Luckily, Sy and I were only on our own for a short time before January, Jason, my Mom, and Bob showed up, and we ROCKED it.

Day 2 - connecting ALL the shelving together and anchoring them to the wall. This in theory is to prevent them from toppling over onto small children who try to climb the shelves, but let's face it - that is going to be YOU. Claw at the fabric all you want - we put safety first!
This is how the place looked when I left it tonight - beautiful disaster. Gotta finish assembling the wall units and anchoring them tomorrow, then fabric time!  And, even though I haven't put up a real display yet, the storefront is shaping up nicely!!

Verdict is still out on the green lights - they were there when we moved in. Super cool, but possibly a little creepy! Nickelodean slime style.
January and Melissa put up this LOVELY sign to announce to the world that we'll be open soon. Good thing January was there to turn the letters so the pubic can read them, and not me from my desk. Ha!

Got a few window shoppers already with this little hottie wearing nothing but an apron!

HUGE and I mean HUGE thank you to the family and friends that have been tirelessly helping me put shelving together, hang signs, make displays, price inventory, hang light fixtures, using a drill on everything in sight, and huff spraypaint. You peeps are absolutely the best.



  1. OHMYGOODNESS IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!!! i'm soooo thrilled for you!!!! you go girl!!!!!!