Saturday, February 12, 2011

Westminster Fibers Fabric is Here!

This is like the worst joke ever.

I have bolts and bolts of fabric in my living room, and none for me to touch.

Instead, I have to take them out of their packaging, photograph then, and then put them back in the box, shut the lid, and re-tape it so I don't tempt myself. Or my mom, who already tried poaching a bolt off me. Hands off it, madre!!  Good thing she doesn't have a house key.

Here are some photos of the lovelies.  No drooling.  OK, drool.

Pictured here are fabrics from Jennifer Paganelli, Jenean Morrison, Tina Givens, Jane Sassman, Denyse Schmidt, Mark Cesarik (who's stuff is so wicked rad I am currently stalking him), Amy Butler (on whom I've perfected the art of stalking) Rosanna Bowles, and Dena Designs.

You know you want to commit a felony by breaking into my house right now.

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