Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silhouette SD Cutter!

I'm designing hang-tags for the store, reading my favorite blogs between frustrated outbursts of designers block, when I find this little beauty on Handmade By Jill used to make adorable little onesies with custom graphics on them:

Um, wait - I can take my own images of the hang tags, and cut them out on this sucker? Wait, I can print my own vinyl lettering for the store windows? I can make the adorable knitting project bags with cute sayings ironed onto them with this sucker?

Yup.  It's in the mail, and on it's way. And, it will be available for folks to rent (for a super duper reasonable price) in Fabric Bliss!

Now I need to decide if I can or can NOT live without a n Epic letterpress:

Oh, the agony!  *snicker*

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