Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How It All Went Down

We're in the car. Driving down Santa Fe yet again (back and forth to vet appointments).

Simon notices some empty storefronts. Hm, he says to me, it would be so great to own our own store.

Wheels turning.

We could open a sewing shop, I suggest.

Hm, that would be rad, he replies.

I start stalking building owners, just to get an "idea" of how much rent would be in that area. Strictly research.

I send an email to the 'general' inbox for the Santa Fe Arts District. Stating politely that I am sure this is the WRONG email address to use for this sorta thing, but could you kindly point me in the right direction.

I get a response. From the PRESIDENT of the Santa Fe Arts District.

Wait, there's more.

And, AND he needs to sublet his gallery.

*insert huge crowd cheering*

Things are falling into place all around me, and I didn't even MEAN for this to REALLY happen.  The train literally was taking off, and I had to run and catch it. And now, I have a new landlord. This is us, and the new space. I'm giddy.

After being at the same telecom company as an Oracle Database Administrator for 11 years, I am throwing in the towel. Making the big switch. Schmoozing with my bosses on the way out so no bridges are burned - just in case. ;)

And that's how it all went down. Now you will be bombarded with stories of how it is all coming together for our big opening in March.  With lots of !!!!! thrown in, since I am beside myself with excitement.

Sorry that I am gonna ooze it all over you. :)

See you in March!


  1. SOOO excited for you!! I'm in Denver and have to travel at least 20 min for a quilt shop! I love that area and can't wait to visit!

  2. Happy to hear of a new fabric shop nearby (well, sort of...I'm in Boulder, but I love any excuse to head to Denver.) Congratulations, and looking forward to hearing more!